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Schools, Colleges & Education

The character of education has changed significantly in recent years and is continuing to change to meet the demands of the 21st century.  Educators and support staff are delivering individual learning, with increased use of information and communication technology across the curriculum and to an expanding age range.  The boundaries between the school and the community are blurring and the whole learning environment is altering. 

Existing buildings may need to be adapted in order to meet these challenges and any new building delivered must meet the needs of the pupils, parents, teaching staff and the wider community.  The buildings must also meet standards for design quality, sustainability and future space and planning needs. 

In order to meet these often competing demands a skilled team is required with an understanding not only of the technical building issues but also an appreciation for the unique opportunity that a new school or college offers to the community.  Rider Hunt has a strong track record in procuring and leading such teams as well as providing the critical focal point between the budget holder, the school or college and the wider stakeholder group.