Independent Sector Treatment Centre, Halton Hospital


Rider Hunt constantly strives to be at the forefront of Healthcare development. 

Like the National Health Service itself the practice has had to adapt the advisory services and the procurement advice it offers to meet the ever changing needs of our trust clients whether due to changes in clinical practices, time constraints or financial restrictions. 

The practice has successfully prepared strategic, outline and full business cases for both refurbishment and new build projects ranging in size from small ward conversions to complete new hospitals on green field sites. 

On PFI schemes, Rider Hunt has prepared public sector comparators to ensure Trust’s can accurately assess the procurement routes available and the ‘Best Value’ option. 

Since its introduction in the North West Pilot Region, Rider Hunt has acted nationally as external cost advisors for numerous NHS Trusts using the ProCure 21 procurement method. 

ProCure 21+

In October 2010 ProCure21+ replaced ProCure21 as a form of procurement for NHS Trusts.

Since the introduction of the Department of Health’s original ProCure21 method of procurement, the Rider Hunt Group has established a national reputation in the role of ‘External Cost Advisor’ to NHS Trust’s securing healthcare projects using this procurement route. 

Since our first appointment in 2002 the Group has successfully negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Prices and prepared Phase 2, 3 and 4 ECC contracts on numerous ProCure21 new build and refurbishment projects ranging in value from £0.5M to £80M.  The majority of schemes have been completed on time and within budget and most importantly to the practice, have secured many repeat commissions. 

In addition to providing the 'External Cost Advisor' role to NHS Trusts, we have also carried out 'Joint Cost Advisor / Cost Manager' duties for both NHS Trusts and Principal Supply Chain Partners together with providing 'Cost Manager' duties direct to Principal Supply Chain Partners.

The Group has a representative on the ProCure21 National Cost Advisors Working Group enabling the practice to table, debate and resolve any issues raised by our Trust Clients with the ProCure21+ Implementation Team. 

With a portfolio of projects throughout the North West, North East, South East and Central England few practices can match Rider Hunt’s experience and expertise of the ProCure 21 process.