Sandoz Chemicals


Industrial projects require a cost effective and weatherproof envelope within which the industrial processes or warehousing and distribution can take place. 

The dynamics of industrial warehousing and distribution are continually advancing driven largely by cost and changes in information technology.  

Warehousing is predominantly of a goods-in-transit nature as stockholding periods are reduced.  There are consequences for design and construction as tenants press for optimum use of space and equipment such as building height, layout, column spacing, coordination of racking with the structure, selection of equipment, etc. 

Security considerations are becoming more specific and far reaching and can have a dramatic effect on design, cost and the physical mechanics of operating the premises.

Structures must be capable of accommodating the latest equipment whilst being sufficiently flexible in design to meet future advances in working practices, technology and equipment so that the potential for rental and capital growth remains strong. 

The construction budget is frequently a relatively small proportion of the overall cost of the development and Rider Hunt will take a lead in the management of the overall budget on behalf of the Client.  

The speculative developer wishes to maximise the potential for rental and capital growth.  The owner occupier wishes to tailor the envelope for their own specific needs.  Rider Hunt have extensive experience of working for both types of Client.  


Rider Hunt are involved in civil engineering projects including the provision of water treatment works for water companies, construction of riverside stabilisation schemes incorporating pedestrian boulevards and industrial buildings for chemical and petrochemical installations. 

Developers require infrastructure works to be carried out to “open up” both greenfield and brownfield sites and Rider Hunt are employed on a number of large developments where the initial site clearance and reclamation is to be carried out and roads, services and drainage infrastructure is to be installed prior to the site being released for final development.  Frequently, we are retained to continue our involvement into the industrial or housing construction phases. 

Whereas scales and sizes may be substantially larger than encountered in other sectors, management, planning, accurate cost forecasting and cost control are still the priorities.  Rider Hunt bring their experience gained across all sectors into this arena.