Rotherham Market


Achieving early trading is the key element in any retail development strategy. The majority of our projects require fast track delivery and in refurbishment work this is often concurrent with maintaining tenants' existing operations.  Rider Hunt will assist the Client's team in the logistics of development required for town centre locations and where tenants are in occupation, maintaining essential facilities and minimising disruption. 

A flexible turn of mind is required to achieve a development that can be adapted to the needs of the fluid retail market. 

Our objectives are fast, pro-active and timely cost planning, optimisation of retail floor plate/public mall areas, the selection of an appropriate construction procurement strategy and pre-emptive cost management during construction.  Early advice on capital and running and maintenance costs of alternative key materials and components is paramount during design development to achieve best value and jointly satisfy the Client's and the planner's requirements. 

Rider Hunt's portfolio covers the spectrum from upgrading retail outlets in existing precincts to major new build in town shopping centres.